It was never written anywhere, but it's been conventional wisdom that when cruising the highways and byways here in our great states, that anything less than 10mph over the posted speed limit has been acceptable to State and County Troopers.

Townsquare Media

"Those guys are too busy pulling over REAL speeders," we tell ourselves as we think we're staying under the radar, literally.  But a new story from North Carolina says those buffers may be disappearing.  The reasons vary, but most are tied to revenue states need to put in the budget from previous sources drying up.

I hate to spread info that isn't based in fact, and I can't say for sure what the decree in Iowa has been, but twice in the last week, we've received emails from drivers pulled over and ticketed for less than 10 mph over the posted limit.  I have never seen that once in 25 years, but twice in a week?  I'd say be on the lookout.