A chess club for kids was meeting at a library in Morton, Illinois last Tuesday, there were 16 kids there, between 7 and 13 years old.

19-year-old named Dustin Brown walked into the room where they were meeting with a knife in each hand, and threatened to start killing people.

Luckily the guy who leads the chess club is 75-year-old Army veteran James Vernon. He never saw combat, but his training kicked in. The kids hid under the table while he started talking to the guy.

He got between the teenager and the door, gave the kids a signal to run out, and the guy went after him instead. James blocked the knives with his hand, overpowered the guy, threw him on the table, and pinned one of his hands.

Then he started punching him until he dropped the other knife, and held him down until the cops got there. It turns out Brown was out on bond after he'd been arrested for child pornography. And he told police, "I failed my mission to kill everyone." He's charged with attempted murder, armed violence, aggravated battery to a person over age 60 and burglary for entering the library with intent to commit a crime.

(Morton Police Department)

All the kids are okay, and James ended up with a severed tendon and two severed arteries in his left hand, but he's back home recovering.

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