Here are the top 5 best parts of my weekend in no particular order:

5-Friday night I played a solo acoustic gig at Harrington's Pub (Port Byron locale).  Giant dinner crowd! Those guys are killing it! After my set, I was hanging at the bar for a couple drinks.  A differently-abled guy came in and the servers greeted him with a "NORM" (from Cheers) type welcoming.  Gave him a pop and chatted with him.  Warmed my cold heart.

4-My son, in an effort to get a reaction from my wife and I, achieved his goal when he attempted to kiss our puggle on the butt hole.

3-Saturday I did a remote broadcast from Leisure Lanes in Davenport.  Lynn Allen was playing, so I got to chat with Billy for a couple minutes.  We are super lucky to have a band like Lynn Allen here in the QC's.  They get taken for granted because they're a main stay, but I'm always happy when I hear that monster vibrato coming through the mic.

2-While, I usually don't do two nights in a row...I did another solo guitar gig Saturday at Thirsty's on Third! Rule #1...if you can play drinking songs in front of a crowd that's been drinking for 6-8 hours...DO IT!  Early and often!

1-Getting a phone call reminding me to vote Tuesday.  Apparently there's some sort of election happening this year?  Hmm.  You'd think I would've seen something about it in the news.