I really shouldn't have to say this. But just so we're all clear, getting a totally sweet selfie is NOT worth dying over.

Photo by Mack / Townsquare Media

A new study analyzed news archives and found 49 people around the world have died taking selfies since 2014. Their average age was 21, and three out of four were male. Five of them were in the U.S., and nineteen were in India.

So, how did they die? Here are the eight things that killed them.

  1. Falling from a high place – 16 deaths.
  2. Drowning – 14 deaths.
  3. Train – 8 deaths.
  4. Gunshot – 4 deaths.
  5. Grenade – 2 deaths.
  6. Plane crash – 2 deaths.
  7. Car crash – 2 deaths.
  8. Animal – 1 death. A guy was gored in the neck taking a selfie at the Running of the Bulls in Spain.

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