A small and growing group of hockey enthusiasts in the Quad Cities can be found any given day in Bettendorf 's Crow Creek Park.  DekHockey is starting it's 3rd full season and has grown each year,  thanks in no small part to it's energetic leader, former  QC Mallard and Canadian transplant Patrick Levesque.   He will tell anyone he can corner for 5 minutes about the sport-- how the speed and the action mimick ice hockey without the required skating.   He's right.  One session watching my son out there makes me want to join right up with him!

Like the floor hockey we all played as kids in PE,  but with pads and helmets, it's a serious runner up to baseball and soccer as Spring and Summer activity for kids and adults.

Check out a game this spring (or the post game celebrations I've heard) and you may have your next big thing lined up.