For the last 2 decades or so, NASCAR's Geoff Bodine has had a hand in designing and building the sleds used by our olympic bobsledders.  In that time, the boys have won a handful of medals in those carts, two of the gold.  Not bad for a vehicle that doesn't even have "tars" as they say in S.C. Well, there's a new player in town for the U.S Bobsled, and you may have seen the ads running on the telecast for BMW's new partnership.  it could prove to be quite profitable for both the 2-man team, and BMW's domestic sales if the success translates. There was some kind of falling out with the Bo-Dyn designed sleds a few years ago, and while the 4-man will still be riding those designs, at least for 2014, the 2-man runners are ground-up designs from the Ultimate Sledding Machine folks.  Carbon Fiber, leather seats,  and serious guys in lab coats checking clipboards the whole time.  They started over a year ago building what they hope will be strong and productive relationship with bobsledding--and better brand recognition--worldwide.