If you missed out on a few deals you really wanted on Black Friday last year, good news, you've got a one-in-nine shot at catching them again this year.

(Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

WalletHub.com analyzed the Black Friday ads from 16 of the biggest retail chains in the country, and found that 11.2% of the deals they're offering are on the same items as last year.

Most stores are offering the stuff for bigger discounts, including Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. CVS Pharmacy is offering them at the same prices as last year.

Four stores are actually advertising repeats with average discounts that are worse than last year: Big Lots, Sears, Office Depot, and J.C. Penney. Big Lots also has the most repeated products from 2014, at 16.4%. Costco is second, at 16.3%, Best Buy is third, at 14.6%. Staples is offering the fewest repeats, at 5%.

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