When someone legitimately loves their job, it doesn't usually involve working in the service industry. But listen to this...

Last Saturday, 53-year-old Joe Meath bought a lottery ticket near his home in Bethel, Minnesota, and hit the jackpot for $11.7 million.

When he and his wife Rhonda came forward on Monday, they said it probably won't change their lives very much, because they plan to keep living modestly and Rhonda is going to keep her job waiting tables at a local restaurant.

Rhonda is 51 and says she loves the job, loves her boss, and doesn't see any reason to leave. Meanwhile, Joe is retired, but works part-time plowing snow, which he plans to keep doing as well.

They also said they'll donate a big chunk of their winnings to charity, and set their three grandkids up for college. And on Monday, they gave $15,000 to the 18-year-old cashier who sold them the ticket, to help HER go to college.

As far as buying a huge new house goes they said they've actually been thinking about downsizing.

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