Forty people were staying at a bed-and-breakfast in Lexington, Virginia on Saturday night when it caught fire.

It happened around 10:30 at night, and no one realized it until a 10-year-old kid who lived next door saw the flames and knew he had to warn everyone. His name is Ashton Dunford, and he ran into the building even though it was already filling up with smoke. Then he started screaming to wake people up. Even though the place burned to the ground, no one was injured.

A spokesman for the fire department says there probably would have been fatalities if it wasn't for Ashton, he even wanted to help them put the fire out once they showed up. It turned out the 40 people staying at the bed-and-breakfast were in town for a wedding the next day. On top of thanking him for saving their lives, he also got to go to the wedding.

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