Dwyer and I may not have grown up in the Quad Cities, but we've been here for 25 years and we consider it our home now. There really is no place like it, the QCA has the perfect mix of "big city fun" and "small town friendly" that makes it great.

We established this list a few years back. Take a look, did we miss anything? Share this list with your friends and let's see what we can add to it.

(Jerry Petersen Photography)
  • You THINK you know what four cities make up the Quad Cities. No one really knows. In fact it may be five.
  • You know what the phone number is for "Car Dead Call Fred"!
  • You've switched from heat to air conditioning in the same day
  • You refer to the Mississippi River as "The River"
  • You have to watch the news to see which bridge would be best to get across "The River", since they are all being worked on
  • You know that Joes, Franks, Shortys, Clints, and Harris are not names, but pizza places
  • You know that Whitey’s is an Ice Cream place, not a racial term
(Whitey's Ice Cream)
  • You know that South Park is the name of a mall, not a television show
  • You know that Daisy Dooks is off of I-80, not a character on a television show
  • You will stand in line for over an hour to buy "sculpted concrete" (Isabelle Bloom)
  • You know that Milan is not pronounced like the one that is the fashion capital of the world
  • You don't crash into a low clearance bridge driving on Brady or Harrison street
(Townsquare Media)
  • You use the term "Palmer" as a familiar landmark
  • You know the term “truck eating bridge” means
  • You know that pork is THE white meat, not THE OTHER white meat
  • You have used the phrase, "stupid Iowan" or "go back to Illinois" while driving
  • You know that the coming of spring mean that the Rock River WILL flood. Your house WILL be under water, and you're ok with it.
  • You know what Taco Pizza is
(Happy Joe's Pizza)
  • You measure distance in minutes, not in miles
  • You know what Evel Knievel sounds like when he's mad
  • You hear someone say, "I'm on Kimberly" and you do not think it is something sexual
  • You know that the Slider run refers to getting burgers, not to running a race
  • You cannot see a White Castle restaurant for hours
  • You know that "Magic Mountain" refers to a meal, not an amusement park ride
(Ross' Restaurant)
  • You don't care who owns it now. It will always be referred to as "The Mark". Same applies to John O'Donnell Stadium.
  • You don't know what the "Avenue of the Cities" is. All you know is 23rd Ave.
  • You go to the ballpark to ride a Ferris wheel.
  • You know what "picture day" means.
  • You know a couple of dorks on the radio that have been on for many, many years.
  • You cross the Mississippi by driving north or south.
  • You know who Bix Beiderbecke was and you're not a musician.
  • You remember that the Belgian Village isn't an area of the Quad Cities, but a restaurant.
  • You were born at St Luke's or Mercy Hospital
  • You remember who Dr Klindt was and why you'd never be treated by him
  • You know that TMI doesn't stand for Too Much Information
  • You know that The Traveler is not a person
  • You know that next year will not be The Bix 8 road race
  • You remember the Time & Temp phone number, brought to you by Bank of Milan... (788-0811)
  • You know that there is no treasure at the Big X
  • You know the term "Hungry Hobo" isn't a dirty scavenger begging for change.
  • You know Tug Fest has nothing to do with a 14 year old boys Saturday night.
  • You paid the Centennial Bridge toll just to go party at the Thirsty Beaver in The District.