Instead of just being cremated when you die, now you can have your ashes planted with a tree, to help it grow. The idea is that you go back to you nature or something. But this is way more badass.

Three guys from England went on a fishing trip to Thailand last year. Their names are Paul Fairbrass, Cliff Dale, and Ron Harper, they're all in their mid-60's. They were planning to go back again this month. Unfortunately Ron was diagnosed with cancer, he passed away back in December.

While he was on his deathbed, he told them to go anyway. He asked them to scatter some of his ashes on the lake they went to last year. But he also asked them to use some of his ashes as bait.

Now, obviously you couldn't catch much with just ashes. So they mixed them with some sort of meat, and rolled it into little balls.

Paul Fairbrass

Here's the best part. While they were using Ron as bait, they ended up catching one of the biggest fish that's ever been caught in the area. It was a massive carp that weighed about 170 pounds.

Paul Fairbrass

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