A look back at the Cars of My life...
From owning my first new car to bowing to my first impulse car purchase. I was having my red dodge serviced, and this guy was sitting on the lot (a recent trade-in, LOW MILES! COLD AIR! blahblah.) But it said 'Shelby' on the side right? I took this for the day as a loaner, and the turbo was all I needed to feel! Never got the red one back, and this became the beginning of the end for me. The torque-steer was so bad I almost drove right into Michaels when we were racing under the hospital in Peoria. It was very "Fast and Furious" if it were more, well…Fast. By the way, Michaels and the Camaro RS couldn't hold a candle to the turbo4 SCREAMER! To make this car even more awesome--I had my friend Trent (Trentster graphics in peoria---I'm sure it's long gone) paint a claw scratching it's way out of the bump in the hood…with eerie eyes peeking out from underneath…who knows what terror lurks under??? He also added some graphic squares on the side…in mint green. Yeah, if you were thinking that this machine attracted the ladies--you would be right. Just call this the 1990's version of AXE body spray. This car was sold in the QCA, and has been spotted every now and then…look close, I've put a finders fee of $3.00 out there for anyone who reconnects me to it…yes. $3.00.
Favorite memories: 1) Sorry Patrick Gniadek, but for all your cool driving know-how at present--you have to agree it may never have happened if someone wasn't stupid and patient enough to let you learn to drive a stick shift on his car. This is that car. I will be with you in the winner circle when you win Le Mans. 2) Coming out of work at Rocky's to find a topless girl sprawled on the hood so her boyfriend could take a picture of her for "Playboy". The painted claw was THAT cool…I don't think either one was ever published.
3) Driving faster-than-necessary everywhere, all the time. Seriously people think about that $3.00 offer…..