Greetings All:

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and is looking forward to 2017.  We wrapped up the 2016 calendar year on December 18th with four guests.  First up was Mr. Greg Aguilar, the Director of Talent Attraction & Retention for the Quad Cities Chamber.  We discussed all of the amazing things occurring in our community and region.  The Chamber has a proud tradition of being an enthusiastic supporter of our local military community an the Rock Island Arsenal.  There are some terrific things in store for 2017 and the Chamber is committed to playing a role in that process.

Greg's leadership role with the Chamber is as the Director or Talent Attraction & Retention.  He explained that our area is well positioned grow significantly economically.  However, we will need talent and a diverse base of skilled and talented individuals to contribute to this effort.  This will have to include our Veterans.

You can contact Greg by email at  To learn more about the Chamber, please visit their website:


Greg Aguilar, Director, Talent Attraction & Retention with the Quad City Chamber with Jeno Berta taping QC Veterans' Roll Call.

Our last three guests were three military spouses.  Rochelle Massengale, Wendy Nelson Truckendrod and my wife, Dr. Dawn Strauss-Berta, appeared on the show.  We had an engaging and candid discussion of the unique challenges military spouses face in daily life.  From deployments to lengthy training events far from home, it is the military spouse who keeps the home fires burning.  Then, it is the military spouse who oversees the reintegration of the family.  Regardless of a service member's rank, it's the military spouse who is in charge at home.  Without question, military spouses are the most unappreciated asset of our military.

The discussion was not completely serious.  We discussed humorous moments and how a return to "CONUS" (The Continental United States/a/k/a home) from a deployment brought with it the acquisition of the mythical iPhone.  It was a terrific discussion and we were glad to bring you this segment.

Rochelle Massengale, Dawn Strauss-Berta and Wendy Nelson Truckendrod appear on QC Veterans' Roll Call radio show.

We have some major news to report for 2017:  We will soon be podcasting our show!  Although the details are still being addressed, we look forward to offering you the chance (hopefully thru iTunes podcasts) to listen to our show when it works best for you.  We're aware that getting up at (ahem) 7:00 a.m. (or 0700 if you prefer) may not be the ideal time to listen to our show.  Please stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!

Thanks to all of you for supporting our show this past six months.  We're taking a knee for the last couple of weeks for 2016 but rest assured, we'll be back on the air come January 8, 2017.  In fact, we've got a special guest we are going to announce in a few days to kick off our first full year of shows.

In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of the holiday season, stay safe and have an amazing 2017!  Happy New Year!

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