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Welcome to this week's show!  We regret that last week we had a bit of of a glitch with some programing issues and apologize that Congressman Dave Loebsack was not featured last Sunday.  However, his extended discussion with me is going to run tomorrow, September 4th.  The Congressman discussed a number of important issues and we visited extensively about the tragic suicide of Army and Marine Veteran Brandon Ketchum.

A couple of weeks' back, the Congressman attended a local round table discussion on the issue of Veterans' suicides.  He mentioned that he was there to listen and gain information.  He also said that he has filed official requests with the VA for more information.  Along with Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst, there has been bi-partisan attention focused on this issue.  The Congressman stated he will report back on developments.  We will keep you posted.

If you wish to contact Congressman Loebsack, you may reach him here:

On a related matter, Congressman Loebsack reports there has been a $2 million dollar award from the VA to local service centers.  Here is a link to the story below.


Congressman Dave Loebsack, District Representative Jared Mullendore with Jeno Berta at the taping of "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.

Our second guest is former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.  He was in Iowa stumping for Secretary Hillary Clinton and took time out to speak with us last Sunday morning.  We discussed issues related to Veterans' affairs and national security.  We hope to bring other surrogates to the show from both sides of the aisle.


Former Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, fair use/public domain claimed.)


Our third and final guest for this show is Mr. Jason Quick with Concerned Veterans For America, CVA.  Jason served our nation in the U.S. Army with the famed 82nd "All American" Division, including two combat tours to Iraq.

CVA is a non-partisan group that advocates for Veterans' on a variety of issues.  We discussed CVA's work and their call for allowing more choice in care for Veterans. To learn more about CVA, please visit their website:

Mr. Jason Quick, Northern Regional Director, Concerned Veterans For America.

As we are now fully into the political season, our show will be looking to give you different perspectives on the candidates and issues that matter to our Veteran and military community.  As we've mentioned, we are strictly non-partisan and seek out many voices to better inform our audience.  We also are excited to report the Scott County Auditor Roxanna Mortiz will be joining us to discuss voter registration, early/absentee voting and voting procedures.  We are actively seeking out information for Illinois voters as well.

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