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On this Sunday's "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show, we re-ran the interview with Bill Albracht. Bill was our guest this past summer and I cannot think of a better guest to be our first "best of" segment. For those of you who do not know Bill, he is a local guy done good, done great, actually He served our nation in Vietnam, earning three Silver Stars. He is the author of Abandoned in Hell: The Fight For Vietnam's Firebase Kate. Bill continued to serve our nation as a Secret Service/Dept. of the Treasury Agent for many years after his service with the Army. He is a terrific guy and it was an honor to get to interview him.

We discussed a number of topics, including his service in Vietnam.  He was the youngest Special Forces Captain serving in the U.S. Army when in October, 1969, he found himself in the fight of his life.  With only a handful of troops and some local pro-American Montagnards, he led first the defense, then the tactical withdrawal from Firebase Kate.  (The Montagnards were a mountainous people who fought bravely against the North Vietnamese.  Here's an article about them and The Green Berets you may wish to read. By the time the fight was on, there was no military value in holding onto the firebase.  Rather than surrender or die in place, Bill led his men out of an unwinnable fight against an obscenely over-matched enemy force.  The story is told in gripping detail in his book.  It is a compelling read and just speaking for myself, I was "challenged" to put it down.  If you would like to have more information on how to order this amazing book, here is the link to the Amazon page. 

The book jacket for "Abandoned in Hell."

We also talked about Bill's post-Vietnam life.  He was open about his own struggles with coming home and adjusting to life after the war.  He is a passionate advocate for all our Veterans.  Here is a guy clearly in the corner of the people this show exists to support.

Bill is a true American hero.  His service to our nation spans decades and he is still serving today, advocating for the Veterans of today's wars.  He's got a great sense of humor and I could talk to him for hours.  I hope to have him back on the show and knowing what a gracious guy Bill is, something tells me he'll be back.

And I cannot wait.

Bill Albracht and Jeno Berta taping "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show this past July.

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