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At the risk of immodesty, we've got yet another dynamite show (BOOM!) to present this week on "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.  Now that I've gotten that hyperbole out of the way, let's get on with the show notes.

Our first guests were Rob Woodall and Dave Johnston of Arconic, formally Alcoa.  They discussed the historic transformation of Alcoa into two companies.  The Bettendorf location is now part of Arconic.  To learn more about this transformation, please click here.

Rob and Dave discussed how Arconic is committed to both celebrating and utilizing Veterans in their operation.  They are truly "walking the walk" with various initiatives from "Hiring Our Heroes" to Arconic's aspiration to have 10% of their workforce represented by Veterans through a series of initiatives and self-reporting of current Veteran employees.  Here's how to get some information on these initiatives.

One of the many terrific strengths of Arconic is they are fully engaged with other partners in promoting Veterans.  One such partner Rob and Dave mentioned was "American Corporate Partners."  Here is a link to their information.  Closer to home, the Rock Island Chapter of the United Service Organization, USO, is a fantastic resource  for local Veterans, including work with resumes and other post-military employment pursuits.  Learn more about our local USO here.

Thanks to Arconic and their leadership team for being such great corporate citizens and true partners in advocating for our Veterans!

Rob Woodall and Dave Johnston from Arconic, formally Alcoa with Jeno Berta on "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.

Our second guest is a friend, colleague and former courtroom adversary, Army Major (Ret) Thomas Hurley.  Tom just retired from active duty, with his last tour of duty being right here in the Quad Cities as the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate for Army Sustainment Command at the Rock Island Arsenal.  Tom is too much of a gentleman to mention it, yet my conscious compels me to tell you that over a decade ago, he ran circles around me in a guilty-plea courts martial at Fort Dix.  He is truly a black belt when it comes to military law.

We discussed his career, including his work as part of the PFC Bradley, now Chelsea Manning defense team.  Tom explained the critical importance of ensuring the rights of the accused are protected in the criminal justice system.  He reminded us that while criminal conduct should not be excused, there are mitigating factors that rightfully need to be weighed prior to passing judgment on a fellow citizen...and service member.

Here's the link to the press release announcing Tom joining the Law Office of Will M. Helixon.  I am proud to call Tom a friend and respect the critical role he plays in our justice system.  To learn more about Tom's law office and how to contact him, please visit his firm's website.

Army Major (Ret) Thomas Hurley, military criminal defense attorney appearing on "OC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.

Our third guests were two Navy SEALs Sonny and McB.  They were in town on November 4th for the organizational meeting for next year's third annual, "Thank the SEALs," TTS, ride.  The event was held at "The Main Event" and was attended by organizations and individuals who support this endeavor.  We have interviewed our friend and fellow Veteran Jose Cerda and have Billy Christman, the Founder of TTS on next week's show.  To learn more about this organization and ride, you can visit their website here.  I was honored to be invited and thrilled that Sonny and McB were gracious  enough to grant me an on-the-spot interview.  These decorated war-fighters made the trek to Iowa to share their appreciation for all involved with TTS.  It was apparent to all in the room how sincere they were in giving thanks for our local community's support for our military and the families of the fallen.

This was a great interview and I apologize that the audio was not better.  One of the "occupational hazards" of doing on-the-spot interviews is background noise.  (I need to invest in a microphone for my iPhone!)  Still, even with the less than stellar acoustics, the message of gratitude from Sonny and McB came through loud and clear.  It was great talking with them and I look forward to seeing them again.

I should note that with all charitable endeavors, however worthy, there is no official endorsement from Townsquare Media, the U.S. Government, (and its departments) or any governmental body.  Everyone is speaking for themselves and only themselves.

Navy SEALs Sonny and McB with Jeno Berta at "The Main Event" for the "Thank The SEALs" organizational meeting.

I felt compelled to wrap up the show with a few comments about the election.  BLUF (bottom-line up front) we're all Americans.  The season of campaigning is ended.  The season of transition has begun.  Yet the sacred business of governing our beloved Republic continues perpetually.  We at QC Veterans' Roll Call will continue to advocate for our Veterans and military, their families and caregivers.  We will strive to conduct our show with the highest degree of civility and civil discourse, while still engaging in good-natured banter and humor, when possible and appropriate.  Our mission is to support and celebrate all with a connection to our military, past and present.  It is our honor and privilege to do so.

Thanks for supporting QC Veterans' Roll Call radio show.  "Fall out!"

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