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Welcome to 2017!  We've identified and corrected the technical glitch from last week and again, our apologies for it.  However, we're moving past it and are convinced our show will be better than ever going forward.  To that end, we're honored to bring you our guest for this show, Lieutenant General (LTG) Stephen M. Twitty.  LTG Twitty is the Commanding General of Headquarters, First U.S. Army.  First Army became our neighbor when they uncased their colors in July of 2011.

First Army's motto is "First In Deed," and for good reason.  Formed during World War I and led by General John J. Pershing, it fought valiantly in France.  Then, in World War II, they recorded a series of impressive "firsts."  First Army stormed the bloody beaches of Utah and Omaha on D-Day; they were the first to enter Paris; the first to reach the daunted Siegfried Line; and the first to reach the Rhine River.  To learn more about First Army's history, please visit their website.

First Army's mission is be the primary trainer for Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers.  LTG Twitty explained the mission in more detail and how it has evolved in recent years.  He stated that in the headquarters building, there is no difference between Army Reserve, National Guard and Active Duty Soldiers.  All are serving the same nation and wearing the same uniform.  To learn more about First Army's mission, here's that specific link to their website.

LTG Twitty talked about mentors who have guided him in his career.  His impressive career includes two separate assignments as an aide-de-camp at the "2-star" and "4-star" levels.  We also discussed the critical importance of character in leadership.

It was a great honor to have LTG Twitty on the show.  He was incredibly generous with his time and it was a treat to get to conduct it in the "Dwyer & Michaels" studio.  Thanks Sir for being our guest, "First In Deed!"


LTG Stephen M. Twitty, Commanding General, First Army, and Jeno Berta on "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.  Photo credit to First Army Public Affairs Office Facebook Page.

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