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This week's show features a couple old friends and mentors of mine.  Back in 2003, I stumbled into Ft. Dix New Jersey as a mobilized Army Reservist.  Of the many fine patriots I served with for those three years, two were (now retired)  Command Sergeant Majors (CSM) Shirley Minster and Terri Lynn.  So it was wonderful to catch up with both of them on the show.

Between the two of them, they have six decades (and nine months) of service to our Army and nation.  Both began their Army careers on active duty and later transitioned to the Army Reserve.  We discussed their respective careers and time at Fort Dix, including the time after 9/11.

We had such a great discussion we could not fit it into one show.  Tune in next week for the conclusion of our interview where we discuss issues related to the role of women in the military as well as their personal story.

This photo is of Shirley and Terri, along with the late CSM Richard Merritt and Richard Long, all great Americans!  Rest in Peace CSM Merritt, you are dearly missed.

From left to right: CSMs Merritt, Minster, Long and Lynn, Ft. Dix Dining In, 2004 (or there about). Photo credit to Dedrea Lingo-Boyce.

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