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This week's show picks up where last week's left off with our guests retired Command Sergeants Major Shirley (Shirl) Minster and Terri Lynn.  We discussed a number of additional topics, including how the Army Reserve has made dramatic improvements in readiness and the expanded role of women in the military.  Both Shirley and Terri are enthusiastic supporters of women taking on these challenges provided that the standards are not compromised.

We also discussed their personal life.  After both of them retired from the Army, they discovered that their friendship was something deeper.  They are now together as a couple.  We discussed how they both addressed how they navigated the then policy of "Don't Ask/Don't Tell."  As I mentioned on the air, these are two of the most professional, on-point Soldiers, Non-commissioned officers and leaders I have ever met.  Their sexual identity is part of who they are (as it is for all of us).  Yet there is so much more to both these terrific people and patriots.  We only spent a fraction of our two-part interview discussing this particular issue as there were so many topics to visit.  It was great having them on the show and on a personal note, it was great catching up with a couple of old friends.

Retired Command Sergeants Major Shirley Minster and Terri Lynn, guests on QC Veterans' Roll Call.

Our second guest this week was Ms. Chris Shaw. Chris is an incredibly active volunteer and supporter of our Veterans.  We discussed the amazing program that is the Quad Cities Honor Tour.  The Honor Tour provides local Veterans who are unable to attend an Honor Flight to spend a day celebrating their service to our beloved Republic as military members.  The day begins at the American Legion, heads to the Rock Island Arsenal, continues at local memorials and ends back at the Legion.  Both Veterans and their spouses are able to attend.  There is no charge for this wonderful day.  If you or someone you know would like to attend, please call Chris at 563.370.0208. This year's Honor Tour has not yet been set.  However, when it is, we'll be sure to support and publicize it here on our show.

We had so much to discuss that we will have her back next week to discuss the Patriot Guard Riders, The Honor Flight and the National Disabled Veterans' Golf Tee in September.  Please tune in next week to hear the second part of her interview.

Chris Shaw, Quad Cities Honor Tour and Jeno Berta appearing on QC Veterans' Roll Call.

As always, we so appreciate the support from all of you for our show.  I'll wrap up these notes by wishing a happy birthday to our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln!

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