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Our first guest is former Iowa Lt. Governor Patty Judge.  She is the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate.  We discussed the VA (including my pitch for using Reserve and Guard mental health professionals to augment the mental health services at the VA), national security and her reasons for running for the U.S. Senate.  I also disclosed that she and I are distant relatives.  My Mom has Judge relations from years back.  I appreciated her kind words about my Mom who passed away in 2010.

We have contacted Senator Grassley's campaign and extended an invitation for him to appear on the show.  QC Veterans' Roll Call is a non-partisan show and we actively seek out opinions from as many as possible, especially political candidates this election season.

Former Iowa Lt. Gov Patty Judge appearing on QC Veterans' Roll Call on October 16, 2016.

Our second guest was Ms. Katie Wilson. Katie is the founder of Jump On It.  Katie is a local business owner, hailing from Bettendorf.  Her business is a texting service that sends discounts and other "deals" right to one's smart phone.  It is not an app, but instead a way to receive regular (about three times a week) discounts.  You can visit their Facebook page to learn more about them here.  To join Jump On It, send this text to 88678:  "jump on qc" and you're enrolled!

Katie talked about the rewards, and yes, challenges of being an entrepreneur.  She also offered advice and words of wisdom for anyone, especially female Veterans about starting their businesses.

Katie Wilson from Jump On It with Jeno Berta on QC Veterans' Roll Call on October 16, 2016.

Our third segment featured two guests, John Riley and Cathy Jordan.  John is with Wieblers' Harley-Davidson and came on to discuss the upcoming military appreciation day, "A Salute To Service" on November 5th.  Here's the flier for the event:

John provided the following information about the event:

  • Sign-in starting at 9am at Wieblers H-D
  • $10 per person with all proceeds going to the Humility of Mary Shelter of Davenport Veterans Services to assist local Homeless Vets in need.
  • Depart at 10am back by noon followed by free chili lunch.

The funds raised for this ride are going to support the Humility of Mary Shelter Programs. To learn more about the program, please check out their website. The VALOR program is a way that our Veterans who need a hand up and not just a hand out can get help and get back engaged in our community.

Cathy Jordan heads up the Humility of Mary Veterans Services program.  You can reach her at 563.345.6192.  The Veterans Accessing Long-Term Opportunities & Resources or VALOR Program exists to aid our Veterans most in need.  The funds raised from this event are going to benefit this program.

To contact Cathy Jordan, please call 563.345.6192.  To reach the VALOR program directly, please call 563.345.6191.

To check out Wieblers' Facebook page for this event, please visit them here.


Cathy Jordan and John Riley appearing on QC Veterans' Roll Call discussing the big ride coming up on November 5th.

Zach James, our show's producer (and my adult supervision) and I wrapped up the show talking a bit of baseball.  To our Cubs fan friends out there, this just might be your year.  Speaking only for me, I hope it is.

Programming note:  Next week we are running our first "Best Of" show.  We will feature our interview with Mr. Bill Albracht.  Bill is the author or Abandoned in Hell:  The Fight For Vietnam's Firebase Kate.  Bill was the youngest Army Special Forces Captain in Vietnam and he retells the tale of what it was like to be surrounded, outnumbered and literally fighting for one's life.  He also talks about coming home.  If you missed it the first time, here's your chance to catch a terrific interview with a terrific guy and true American hero.

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