Greetings All!

Senator Charles Grassley joined us as our first guest.  He was the guest for the Bettendorf Business Network's "First Tuesday" gathering at the Hilton Garden Inn and I caught up with him after the lunch.  Sen. Gressley was gracious to grant us an interview on the spot.

I was glad to hear the Senator would be open to leveraging our National Guard and Army Reserve mental health professionals to leverage the VA's mental health services.  He also mentioned the concept of tele-medicine.

On BRAC, Senator Grassley reiterated that uniform support from both the Iowa and Illinois Congressional Delegations for the Rock Island Arsenal, RIA.  He gave us a bit of reassurance that BRAC should not be something that we should be concerned about in the near term.

We also discussed issues related to agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as employment opportunities for Veterans.  Sen. Grassley's office provided us with links to a couple of resources for Veterans.  To learn about the Senator's positions on Veteran's matters, please click here.  If you are interested in the "Veterans Fellowship Program, here is that information.

We also discussed the pending Supreme Court vacancy.  Sen. Grassley reiterated that he would not hold hearings on (presuming he is still the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee) this vacancy until the new President submits a nomination.  (I had asked him if he would hold hearings in the "lame duck" session of Congress should the President-Elect state that he or she would also nominate Judge Merrick Garland.)

The election is Tuesday, as all of us are certainly aware of.  The polls are open in Iowa from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.  To learn about your polling location in Iowa, please visit the Scott County Auditor's office.  If you live in Illinois, the polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  The Rock Island County Clerk's office has additional information here.

John Register appearing on QC Veterans' Roll Call radio show.

Mr. John Register was our second guest.  He and our good friend Greg Dwyer grew up together.  John is a true Renaissance Man.  He is an All-American in track from The University of Arkansas and an Army Veteran.  John joined the Army to participate in the Army's World Class Athletes' Program.  However, his track and field pursuits were interrupted by the Desert Shield/Desert Storm conflict.  He served with honor as a member of the 18th Airborne Corps.  You can read John's bio here.

After the hostilities concluded, he resumed his athletic training.  Then, tragedy struck.  During a routine hurdles run, he landed wrong and suffered a catastrophic injury to his leg  The result:  amputation.  Despite being dealt this horribly unfair hand, John chose to persevere and continued to compete.  His hard work and unbreakable spirit was rewarded in 2000.  Competing in Sydney, Australia, he won the silver medal in the Paralympics, setting an American record in the long jump that still stands today.

His company is Inspired Communications International, LLC.  John is a coach, speaker, leader and great American.  It seemed like we were just scratching the surface when Zach, our producer, told me we were down to our last question.  We absolutely have to have him back on the show.  Here's a link to John's website.

Our final guest was Ms. Mary Pruess.  Mary is the General Manager of our local public television stattion, WQPT.  WQPT has been leaning forward in their support of our Veterans.  They are continuing this meaningful work with their oral history project for Veterans. this coming Friday, November 11th, which is Veterans' Day.  Mary shared this program, the "Veterans' History Project" during her interview.

The "Veterans' History Project" is an opportunity for local Veterans to share their story via oral recorded history.  On Veterans' Day, WQPT is inviting Veterans, particularly from the Vietnam War era, to come over to the station and share their story.  Mary explained that the purpose of this program is to offer to our Veterans the opportunity to record their unique story of their service.  These recording will then be deposited with the Library of Congress for posterity.

WQPT's "Veterans' History Project" taping this Friday at their studios.

Any Veteran (and especially from the Vietnam War) who would be willing to share their story this coming Friday, November 11th, please contact WQPT at 309.764.2400 to reserve your time. The station's address is 3300 River Drive, Moline, Illinois.

Ms. Mary Pruess, General Manager of WQPT and Jeno Berta taping "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.

Zach and I wrapped up the show talking about the Cubs epic triumph in the World Series.  We also referenced the leadership and resiliency (two repeating themes on our show) shown by the Cubs.  Zach did a great commentary on the series and you can listen to it here.

Friday is Veterans' Day.  Thanks to all our Veterans and those still serving.  This show exists, our purpose, our mission is to support and celebrate you, your families and your caregivers.  Enjoy the day however you wish.  Thank you for your service and to our Vietnam Veterans, "welcome home."

Be well my friends,