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This episode of our show featured two guests and a book review.  Our first guest was Ms. Natalie Woodhurst.  She is the new Veterans' coordinator for St. Ambrose University.  She discussed he own background with the military (Air Force Veteran) and her work with St. Ambrose assisting Veterans further their education.  She also discussed the upcoming Veterans' Conference to be held at St. Ambrose on March 1st.  We've posted to the conference previously on our website and we strongly encourage you to attend.

Ms. Natalie Woodhurst with Jeno Berta appearing on "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show.

Our second guest was Ms. Rebecca Geiken.  Rebecca appeared as a guest in December as the Veterans' Coordinator for Eastern Iowa Community College, Scott County Campus.  Her appearance on this show was profoundly more personal.  She shared the incredibly painful story of the tragic passing of her husband, Master Sergeant, MSG,  Waldo Geiken in Germany several years ago.  MSG Geiken was on his way home on his motorcycle when he was killed by a drunk driver.  Rebecca recalled that out of this horrible tragedy she saw the resolve of our military to take care of their own and their families.

Ms. Rebecca Geiken appearing on "QC Veterans' Roll Call" radio show with host Jeno Berta.

We concluded our show with a book review of former Navy SEAL and Missouri Governor Eric Greitens., Resilience:  Hard Won Wisdom For Living A Better Life  Gov. Greitens recalls his conversations with a fellow SEAL experiencing trying times.  It is a terrific read and we're proud to recommend it.  Here is the link to purchase his  book.

As always, thank you for supporting our show.  You can now listen to some of our more recent shows at your convenience online.  Here is that link.

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Jeno Berta

Host, QC Veterans' Roll Call