Today's show was terrific...and deep...and dark. Sometimes we need to go there.  Today, we did.
We started off with an informative and respectful discussion about the emotional subject of flag burning. My friend Todd A. Snow, a 20-year Veteran and attorney and I got into a discussion about why this is permitted symbolic speech. We recognize that this is an incredibly emotional topic.  I want to thank Todd for taking time away from his law practice We encourage everyone to review this case.  Here is the link to the Texas v. Johnson Supreme Court case:
Our first guest on today's show David "Woody" Woods was our second guest. He is the Director of the Scott County Veterans' Affairs Department. He discussed how Scott County Veterans can obtain the benefits they have EARNED and are ENTITLED to receive. Woody's phone number is 563.326.8723. Woody also mentioned the Quad Cities Vet Center as a resource for Veterans who are need of someone to listen to their story (and that story is also America's, BTW...)
Quad Cities Vet Center
1529 46th Avenue #6
Moline, IL 61265
Phone: 309-762-6955 Or 877-927-8387
Fax: 309-762-8298
One bit of housekeeping: We had recorded Woody back on July 14th and due to a variety of issues, we had to hold it until today. However, it worked out (sadly) appropriately.
David "Woody" Woods and Jeno Berta, July 14, 2016 taping.
The reason I say this "...worked out appropriately" is because our second guest was Ms. Barb Ickes, Columnist with the Quad City Times. Barb has done groundbreaking and unfortuately heartbreaking work on the Brandon Ketchum story. Brandon served our nation with honor in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a United States Marine and Army Reserve Soldier. His recent suicide sent shock waves through our community. It has also jolted into action elected officials and community leaders to determine exactly why Brandon was not admitted to the VA hospital and what can be done so that this does not happen again!
Here is the link to the work Barb has done at the Quad City Times:
Barb Ickes and Jeno Berta at the August 18th taping of our show.
I do not apologize for this show not being fun or light. On occasion, we need to discuss these topics. This show exists to support our Veterans. For those, in the words of Lincoln, " care for him who shall have borne the battle..." We're also here for the families, to the extent we can be.
One final note. here is the number for the VA Veterans' Crisis Line: 800.273.8255, press 1. 
Thanks for listening to QC Veterans' Roll Call radio show!