Yesterday I took a bus filled with listeners to Gurnee, Illinois for a Ditch Day of fun at Six Flags Great America and of course I stuck my foot way up in my mouth.

As usual for this time of year, the park was host to a ton of school groups. Six Flags will do things like "Physics Days" where students can come into the park and do math. They're provided with various amounts of data to calculate things like the velocity, acceleration, and G force of the thrill rides.

At some point, I saw a guy walking with a stick that had a wheel on the end of it. I assumed it was a pedometer or some device that measures distance. So, out of curiosity, I asked the guy: "How many miles have you covered so far?"

Without stopping, he says to me, "I'm BLIND!!!" Oh crap! It's a white cane with a wheel on the end. I guess having a little in-line skate wheel on the end of the cane is just like a tennis ball on the legs of a walker.

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A short time later, I get on a ride and there he is... in the same car with me. Big deal, it's not like he's gonna recognize me! The ride was "Battle for Metropolis". It's a ride where you put on 3D glasses and shoot virtual bad guys, think the Buzz Light Year ride if you've been to Disney.

At the end of the ride it shows your score. Woohoo! I got second place with 172,000 points! And in first place? The freaking blind guy! He got 193,000 points, what a load of crap!

It was a great trip and I want to thank the listeners that went along for the ride.