Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of a shirt being sold by Target and the logo for Vintage Torque Fest. John Wells, the guy who started Torque Fest, is trying to get a response from Target.  Maybe we could help him in that regard?

Here is what John posted on Target's Facebook page:

The top picture is a shirt you have for sale in your stores....the bottom picture is from our hot rod show (a 501(c)3) that raises money for children that suffer from congenital heart defects. We pay good money for our design work, and it is quite obvious your design house lifted our logo.

(Target / Vintage Torque Fest)

John also had this to say: "I was informed that Target is selling a shirt that looks an awful lot like our past Torque Fest poster. Our design guy, Keven Carter made the font in question. So, if you know anyone in the marketing or design house for Target....please tell them to come up with ORIGINAL ideas."

Apparently Target has been caught stealing designs before: