Jered Caraway was on a fishing trip with his fianceé, Morgan Mayfield, at the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge in Texas when they found themselves stranded in the water.

The couple and their two Labradoodles were anchored in Lost Lake when the boat began taking on water. "The top of the boat just started to go back almost just like the Titanic, and dogs in the boat just slid to the side, and that’s when I realized it wasn’t good," Mayfield told KHOU.

They thought fast and stuffed all of their belongings in the Yeti cooler they had on board. "Once you seal it, you know that your contents aren’t going to spill out," Caraway said. "You know that it’s not going to sink because it’s reinforced."

As the boat was sinking, they threw the cooler into the water and used it to stay afloat in the strong currents. The couple along with their dogs eventually landed on a debris pile and were able to walk until a relative's boat picked them up.

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