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Iowa University’s “Kinnick Wave” Wins Disney Spirit Award
The "Kinnick Wave" has been referred to as the best new tradition and has won the Disney Spirit Award. At the end of the first quarter of every home game the entire stadium turns to the children's hospital and waves to the kids.
The "Wave" started at the beginning of the 2017 seas…
Shoplifters Drag Security Guard Through Mall Parking Lot
Police in Wayne, New Jersey are looking for three women who were caught on video assaulting a loss prevention employee. The three suspects were caught stealing from Lord and Taylor at the Willowbrook Mall.
As the security guard approached them in the parking lot, the suspects tried to drive away and …
Skydiving Santa Crashes Into Tree at Charity Event
See, this is why Santa needs to stick to traveling by sleigh. Because as soon as he tries to get creative or extreme, little kids wind up traumatized.
Santa tried to skydive into a charity volleyball tournament in Tampa over the weekend to deliver toys...

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