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Drunk Man Punctures Bowel With 30-Inch-Long Sex Toy
A drunk man in Scunthorpe, U.K. had required medical attention after he lost control of a 2.5-foot-long object he had inserted in himself and perforated his bowel.
"This case is the first of its kind and exclusive due to the enormous size," doctors said...
DUI Suspect Dances on Car, Flees on Kid’s Scooter
Police in Sparks, Nevada pulled over a woman after some people complained of a motorist driving the wrong way down the highway.
Officers arrived to the scene and found 27-year-old Sabra Bewley dancing on top of her Jeep Cherokee which was about 20 yards up a hill off the highway...
Man Helps Himself to Waffle House While Employee Sleeps
A South Carolina man was up late the other night because he couldn't sleep and decided to head out to Waffle House for a late-night snack.
When Alex Bowen walked into the restaurant and didn't see an employee right away. So he waited at the counter, for about 10 minutes he says...

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