Miner Disturbance Radio with Beneath Manhattan!
Every Saturday night at 8...right before Dee Snider's House of Hair, local music reigns on Miner Disturbance Radio every Saturday Night!
Listen Saturday at 8pm when Brian Miner talks about All Things Rock & Some Things That Suck!
This Saturday's show is fun...J...
Indonesian president pays $800 for Master of Puppets Box Set
I don't claim to know anything about politics.  Nor am I interested in learning.  I assume there's protocol and red tape and very little work actually getting done.
Safe assumption, I'd say.
You'd think a leader giving another leader a present wouldn't be that big of…
River Bandits Tickets Are On Sale For $1
According to the press release posted below,  The River Bandits are selling tickets for One Dollar!  Tuesday, April 10 Game Tickets Available for Just One Dollar If Purchased On-Line at
Modern Woodman Park is always THE go-to for family fun in the Quad Cities...
I Hid My Teeth All Around My Sisters House a sentence I've never said before.  Until last week.
So, you may know, I've been going to Beattie Family Dental for my Invisalign treatment. It's a 44-week ordeal and I'm on week 14.  Each week I get a new set of aligners that help my jacked up smile get less …
Live Jam on Saturday at Benefit for Jody-Tode Foster
This Saturday, February 24 come to the Benefit for Jody-Tode Foster at the Eagles Club in Clinton, Ia.
Pat Jones from 3 on the Tree is hosting a live jam.  All musicians are welcome to grab a mic or a guitar and rock for a great cause...

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