KFC Is Making Candles That Smell Like Gravy
I'm not sure I need help making my house smell like gravy... if anything, I could probably use less of a perma-gravy smell... but your situation might be different.
So good news:  KFC just created a candle that smells just like their gravy...
Benefit For Casey Hitchcock Coming Up
It's been just over seven months since Casey "Shrek" Hitchcock was in a tragic motorcycle accident in Bettendorf that took his life, and people are still having a hard time adjusting to his loss. His wife, Mandy Sinnott Hitchcock, is still dealing with a mountain of bills and debt trying t…
Employee Drives Truck Into Oil Pit
I've always wondered if this is something that has ever happened. I know when you pull in, they have you pull straight in and straight out, so I'm really wondering how this all happened.
The person who recorded the vid said:
Getting my oil change and the brilliant employees at Pennzoil drive…
Kids Hands-on Engine Build At The Rod And Custom Show
The Annual Rod And Custom Show this weekend at the QCCA Expo Center will feature a real-time engine build that will be given away.  And, that engine will be built by kids attending the show!
Starting Friday, the staff at Dynamic Power will be supervising any kid who wants to turn a wrench on an engin…

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