Sigmund Freud would've had a blast psychoanalyzing this guy and his obsession with getting his butt involved in his crimes.

37-year-old Lafayette Stone of Albuquerque, New Mexico tried to carjack two women in a Walgreens parking lot this weekend. Other people saw what was going on and held him down until the cops got there. When they were arresting him, one of the cops realized he'd arrested him before and found drugs in his rectum.

That's when they looked over at Lafayette and noticed his hands were down the back of his pants. Because he'd hidden some drugs up there again.

He told them, "I'm getting the drugs out of my butt." Then he handed them a bag of a white crystal substance. They asked if he had any more, and he told them, "I might have some up my anus." And he did, a little bag of heroin.

He was charged with unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, aggravated battery, possession of a controlled substance, and tampering with evidence. "Tampering with evidence" is one way to put it, I guess.