Thousands of people have lost homes to the fires in northern California this month. One of them is 9-year-old Loren Smith.

After his parents' house burned down in Santa Rosa, he wrote a letter to his favorite baseball team, the Oakland A's, about all the stuff he lost.

He had hundreds of baseball cards, 17 jerseys, 10 hats, and a bunch of other memorabilia, including a ball signed by the entire A's team. All of it is gone.

Over the weekend, a reporter posted a photo of the letter online. And the response has been pretty amazing. A bunch of A's fans asked how to send their memorabilia to replace the stuff he lost. A bunch of teams have gotten in on it too.

If you want to send something, the A's posted an address online. Send it to: The Oakland Athletics, Attn: A's Community for Loren, 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA 94621.

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