Fellow dads ...  and fellow men ... if you read the list of ten things that make dad's angry that has been posted here for a while, then you probably agree with most of them.  Well, even though I try not to spend too much time being grumpy, I've got 10 more for the list!   In no particular order:

1.  Telemarketers and surveyors calling after 8pm    2.  Spell check coming up with the wrong word     3.  Family members talking in a snotty tone of voice     4.  News anchors telling me to dress warmly for the cold    5.  Slamming on the breaks for a red light     6.  Leaving the house and forgetting something    7.  Wife and Daughter getting nowhere arguing with each other     8.  Seeing so much taunting during sports games    9.  Left-Lane "slugs" that block traffic from passing    10.  Political Ad "B.S."

So, you got 10 more?

(Getty Images / Long Island Police Department)